Reduce Abrasion and Improve Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion is the process of scuffing, scratching, wearing down, or rubbing away of a surface due to normal use, wear and tear from foot traffic, furniture, machines, and equipment and/or exposure to chemicals. Abrasion is not always bad and can be intentionally inflicted, as in a controlled process using an abrasive, such as sandpaper on wood. But abrasion, as it pertains to flooring, is typically an inevitable effect caused by foot traffic, furniture, machines, and equipment and/or exposure to chemicals. In many cases, the abrasion of flooring will manifest itself as a dulling of the surface, a loss of luster. Traditionally, this required constant stripping, re-applying and buffing of the acrylic wax every three (3) to four (4) months.

Today, this undesirable, yet normal occurrence (wear) can be greatly diminished by the use of  IMPACT® concrete sealer from Ultra Durable Technologies. One single coat will lasts 3-5 years or longer before it needs to be recoated. At that point, instead of stripping the product, just a simple rescreen of the surface followed by another thin coat of IMPACT will do the job.

Abrasion resistance is the ability of a surface, in this case, flooring, to resist surface wear caused by the constant rubbing contact with another material such as foot traffic on VCT, vinyl, linoleum and other resilient flooring and machine and foot traffic on concrete, terrazzo, stone and other non-resilient surfaces. If additional abrasion resistance is needed, our Aggregate additive can be added to  IMPACT® and Ultra HTS.

As stated before, once your floor is properly prepared and all of the old finishes and sealers are removed, a single coat of  IMPACT® is all that is needed. Our IMPACT® product seals the surface leaving a stronger surface behind, raising the floor's ability to withstand everyday wear and tear, leaving you with "Ultra Durable Floors".

Abrasion Protection

One of the biggest ongoing flooring maintenance issues is scratches, especially those caused by equipment and furniture such as carts, bookcases, chairs, and tables that are constantly moved back and forth across office and warehouse flooring. Make sure you reduce abrasion and keep your floor looking great with these industry leading floor protectors.

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