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Epoxy, Polyurea & Polyaspartic – What Sets Them Apart?

By Chris Boxmeyer | Apr 18, 2024

Epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic coatings are popular for concrete floors including garage floors. Each offers unique characteristics and advantages. Understanding the differences between these coatings can help distributors, contractors, and facility managers make informed decisions based on specific needs and requirements. Epoxy and polyurea are often used for the tinted basecoats in chip flake systems,…

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Matte, Semi-Gloss, or High-Gloss: Which Sheen is Best for Your Floors?

By Kelly Negaard | Oct 25, 2023

How do you decide which sheen is best for your customers’ floors? The main difference between matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finish is the level of sheen or reflectivity produced. Matte finishes produce a low sheen and appear more subdued, while semi-gloss finishes have a moderate sheen that is smoother and more lustrous than matte but…

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How Does Floor Maintenance Affect Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

By Kelly Negaard | Oct 23, 2023

It is commonly known that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have adverse effects on our health, but did you also know that how we maintain our hard floors can also impact the air we breathe? As a nation, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, so it should not come as a…

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Maintain Terrazzo Floors Effectively and Efficiently

By Chris DesMarais | Feb 23, 2023

If you have terrazzo flooring or are considering having some installed, it’s crucial to know your options to protect your investment for the long term. Like any floor, terrazzo requires maintenance.  But how much and what kind of terrazzo floor care will depend on how you choose to protect the surface. There are three distinct…

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How to Make Floors Anti-Slip

By Kelly Negaard | Jul 26, 2022

How do you make floors anti-slip? UDT can customize your coating to provide the desired amount of slip resistance to ensure the safety of your facility’s floors. To reduce slip risks while making floors look their best, we recommend that you combine EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish with one of our Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate Additive products. By simply adding Ultra…

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8 Ways to Combat Job Turnover and Shortages

By Kelly Negaard | Jun 15, 2022

Why is it that between 2020 and 2021 American businesses added an unprecedented 3.8 million jobs, but 2.2 million Americans left the labor force entirely? Massive employee turnover and a relentless struggle to fill positions and work crews has plagued our country over the past two years. The pandemic-era economic phenomenon known as the “Great…

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Floor Protectors: Preserve Your Investment

By Kelly Negaard | Mar 22, 2022

It is essential to use floor protectors for finished floors to guard them against wear and tear. https://ultradt.com/product/epic-kit/ Before you refinish floors with EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish, it’s a good idea to inspect the old finish for areas of excessive abuse by causes other than foot traffic. More specifically, items such as garbage bins, furniture,…

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