How to Make Floors Anti-Slip

How do you make floors anti-slip? UDT can customize your coating to provide the desired amount of slip resistance to ensure the safety of your facility's floors.

To reduce slip risks while making floors look their best, we recommend that you combine EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish with one of our Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate Additive products. By simply adding Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate to EPIC, your floors will be transformed into safe surfaces that provide both traction and strength.

Watch the following 1-minute video to learn about the importance of traction additives.

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ANSI Standards Updated

According to the February 2022 release of the updated ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard A326.3:

  • The dry dynamic coefficient of friction (dry DCOF) for hard surface coatings is required to measure greater than or equal to .42 ( ≥.42) in dry interior settings.
  • The wet dynamic coefficient of friction (wet DCOF) for hard surface coatings is required to measure greater than or equal to .42 ( ≥.42) in wet interior settings.

EPIC can be tailored so your floors meet or exceed the standard with the addition of UDT's traction additives.  Additionally, it is customizable even for interior areas that can occasionally be wet or oily/greasy. See the updated standard HERE.

Added Benefit of Traction Additives

Not only do our Ultra Grip and UDT Aggregate Additives provide crucial traction, but they also provide excellent abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistance is simply defined as the ability of a floor to resist surface wear caused by the constant rubbing and/or contact with other forces such as foot traffic, machines, and the movement of furniture.

UDT Aggregate Additive

Many Options for Different Needs

Choose from an array of grit levels to achieve the desired resistance and degree of light reflection. Put simply, the finer the particles, the less shine you will see in the final product. Ultra Grip is available in Fine, Medium, and Coarse grits. UDT Aggregate Additives are available in #240, and #120 grits. EPIC and its wear additives are well-suited for use on VCT, luxury vinyl, linoleum, tile & grout, terrazzo, and concrete floor types.

Click below to see the full range of products offered through our website. For interpretation or additional clarification on how to ensure your floors are compliant with the ANSI standard, contact a UDT representative today.

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