Floor Protectors: Preserve Your Investment

It is essential to use floor protectors for finished floors to guard them against wear and tear.

Before you refinish floors with EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish, it's a good idea to inspect the old finish for areas of excessive abuse by causes other than foot traffic. More specifically, items such as garbage bins, furniture, and machines can wreak havoc on coated surfaces.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the incidence of floor scratches is to protect the legs, casters, and sliders of expensive equipment and furniture. Self-adhesive felt pads, slip-on style floor protectors, and wrap-around floor protectors (perfect for sled-style chairs and furniture) are just a few of the unique solutions sold by Ultra Durable Technologies.

UDT also offers a Floor Protector Sample Kit which is a handy tool to use when assessing a facility's needs. The kit includes 14 of the most commonly used protectors of varying sizes and styles and is available HERE.

Using the correct floor protectors and following all manufacturer’s directions will ensure best results. If you are not sure what sizes you may need, these helpful measuring tools are extremely useful to determine the correct fit.

UDT encourages you to safeguard your investment today so you can enjoy beautifully, sealed floors that retain their appearance for years to come.

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