UDT Concrete Dye


Enhance the beauty and durability of your concrete floor while lowering the cost of maintenance!

UDT Concrete Dye (1)

UDT Concrete Dyes are formulated with unique solutions of extremely fine, transparent coloring agents designed to penetrate existing concrete quickly and easily.

When used properly, UDT Concrete Dye will produce a brilliant appearance without the odors and physical hazards associated with acid stains. Additionally, the colors obtained with UDT Concrete Dyes will broaden the artisan’s range of color possibilities that cannot be achieved when using traditional acid stains.

Interesting effects can be achieved when mixing colors on your floor to achieve an unlimited range of color variations.

Once your floor has been dyed, protect and enhance it with either EPIC water-based urethane or Ultra HTS high-solids urethane clear topcoats. 

Unique Advantages

  • Intense colors
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Available in a broad range of colors
  • Non-hazardous and no odor
  • Concentrated to reduce shipping costs
  • Mix with water, acetone, or a combination of both
  • Great for diamond-polished concrete
  • Compatible with EPIC and Ultra HTS topcoats

UDT Concrete Dye Colors

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