Ultra HTS



High-Solids, High-Strength Urethane Topcoat

Are you looking for an extremely durable and low-odor protective urethane topcoat that is also simple to apply? If so, Ultra HTS is the answer!

Ultra HTS is a clear or pigmented, high-solids, 100% aliphatic urethane topcoat formulated to provide extreme chemical resistance, UV resistance, and durability for any new or existing flooring system.

1.5-gallon kits include a Part C that increases traction and yields a satin/semi-gloss sheen. 

1.25-gallon kits have an extremely high gloss. (no Part C)

Whether it’s a water-based or high-solids urethane you’re looking for, UDT has you covered. 

The following Ultra HTS grind and seal systems are simple, cost-effective, and minimize ongoing floor maintenance requirements. One thin coat of Ultra HTS over a primed surface provides extreme durability and protection in a topcoat without any buffing or frequent recoating.

Ultra HTS Grind, Prime, and Seal

Ultra HTS Grind, Prime & Seal

Ultra HTS Grind, Dye, and Seal

Ultra HTS Grind, Dye & Seal

Ultra HTS Color, Prime, and Seal

Ultra HTS Color Prime & Seal
Available Colors

Ultra HTS Coverage Rate

1.5 Gallon Kit: 650-750 Sq. Ft.
Demo Kit: 50-75 Sq. Ft.

Shelf Life
12 months unopened when stored at room temperature (59-77°F, 15-25°C)
Unique Advantages
  • Clear or pigmented with UltraColor HTS Pigment Packs
  • High-gloss (A&B only) or Semi-gloss w/UDT Aggregate traction & abrasion additive
  • Low odor and low VOC (50-state compliant)
  • User-friendly application process
  • Non-yellowing, UV stable 100% aliphatic urethane
  • Provides extreme chemical, tire, and stain resistance
  • Absolutely NO diamond pads and NO burnishing
STMA Breakfast Club HTS
Clear Grind, Prime and Seal
Proven Industries

Industrial: Manufacturing, Production, Warehousing
Transit: Airports, Hangars, Bus/Train Stations
Commercial: Retail, Restaurants, Showrooms
Entertainment: Arenas, Convention Centers, Gaming
Residential: Garages, Decorative, Patios
Government: Military Bases, Stations, Prisons


1.5 Gallon Kit:  Part A (1 gal. can) + Part B (1 qt. can) + Part C (1 qt. can)

1.25 Gallon Kit:  Part A (1 gal. can) + Part B (1 qt. can)

Demo Kit:  Part A (1 qt. can) + Part B (½ pt. can) + Part C (½ pt. bag) 

Optional – UltraColor HTS Pigment Packs

Optional – UDT Aggregate  #120 Additive for added traction

HTS Color, Prime, & Seal
HTS Color, Prime, & Seal