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How to Make Floors Safe and Sustainable

Education Facilities

Within the realm of Education, the need to stretch budget dollars is recognized as a top priority. Fortunately, Ultra Durable Technologies provides a cost- and labor-saving alternative to traditional acrylic finishes for gymnasiums, hallways, cafeterias, bathrooms, classrooms, and almost any other hard surface within the facilities of K-12, universities, daycare centers, and religious organizations.

Here at UDT, we value innovation and are passionate about delivering consistent and reliable products. We also acknowledge that the floors in educational facilities undergo a high degree of wear-and-tear on a daily basis. Because this wear-and-tear is mostly caused by chairs, desks, and the foot traffic of children and young adults, it is necessary for these floors to be coated with a finish that is both durable and safe.


UDT’s low-VOC, water-based urethane finishes eliminate the need for tedious buffing, stripping and waxing. Minimal maintenance is required for cleaning, and recoating is only needed every 3-5 years. EPIC will also maintain its sheen up to 50 times longer than traditional acrylic finishes. Due to the time, energy, and money saved by switching to EPIC and IMPACT, schools, universities, daycares, and religious organizations will have more resources to improve other aspects of their facilities. Stop waxing, buffing, and polishing your money away, and switch to sustainable, Ultra Durable floors!


The Saint Michael-Albertville High School (STMA), located in St. Michael, Minnesota, conducted an initial trial of EPIC in 2014. The goal was to monitor how long one coat of EPIC floor finish would outperform the current acrylic floor finish on the terrazzo floors. The floors are in very high-traffic areas of the high school and include two main entrances, the cafeteria, and the main lobby.

After five years, the single coat of EPIC high-performance floor finish that was applied by a local flooring contractor still looks great. The gloss is still high and there has been no buffing, stripping or recoating. The only area that shows any need for a recoat is under a small number of high-top chairs that were missing floor protectors. This could have been avoided with the use of the recommended floor protectors. Maintenance procedures simply involve dust-mopping, spot-mopping and auto-scrubbing only as needed. “I was skeptical at first, but the result speaks for itself,” says STMA High School Day Lead, Shane Kern.

In 2015, UDT introduced IMPACT for Concrete and Terrazzo. IMPACT is an even harder finish than EPIC and is designed for concrete, terrazzo, and stone surfaces. With IMPACT, you will enjoy all of the benefits of EPIC, but with even more durability!

EPIC vs. Wax
Side by side comparison
Terrazzo protected by UDT
Protection that is easy to clean!

UDT creates floor coating for all types of educational facilities, including churches, non-profit ministries, and other religious organizations. The extreme durability and sustainable shine of EPIC are ideal for high-traffic mega-churches as well as for low-to-moderate traffic churches with smaller congregations. The minimal maintenance of EPIC is especially helpful for facilities with a small cleaning staff or with a significantly large congregation. As described in reference to schools, EPIC in high-traffic churches will last 3-5 years before needing a recoat. When applied in churches or other religious organizations with much less traffic, EPIC will last even longer!  The staff of these organizations will be able to focus less on maintaining the flooring and more on sanitizing and disinfecting the rest of the facility, which has become the new standard for clean.

For churches with a large elderly population, it might make sense to opt for EPIC in a Matte sheen instead of Gloss. EPIC Matte has all the same qualities and benefits as EPIC Gloss but with a softer and flatter sheen, meaning it prevents glare and therefore injuries associated with slips, trips, and falls.


Ultra Durable Technologies produces products that are both green and sustainable. As mentioned before, UDT coatings contain low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making them safe for use even in occupied spaces.  EPIC, UDT’s coating for Vinyl, LVT, VCT, and linoleum, even qualifies your facility for the LEED v4.1 O&M required strategy for conserving energy, water, and chemicals during cleaning (for more see, What Is LEED? – Innovation and Regional Priority Credits).

Along with lasting up to 50 times longer than traditional acrylic finishes, EPIC & IMPACT will save you 10-50 times the material and energy needed to maintain acrylic floor finish. Every time a floor coated with acrylic is buffed and re-waxed, a vast amount of electrical energy is used. Additionally, a large quantity of chemical and material waste is produced and discarded. Imagine how much energy and waste could be eliminated after just a few years of switching to EPIC or IMPACT! To put things in perspective, a 10-year period would only require 2-3 recoats of EPIC or IMPACT compared to an average 20-30 re-coats of acrylic and hundreds of weekly buffing cycles where acrylic is used.

Unlike traditional finishes, UDT urethane finishes only require water and an auto scrubber or microfiber mop for cleaning. The combination of minimizing routine maintenance and simplifying recoating results in a significant decrease of material and chemical waste in our environment. UDT products help you, your students, and the earth!

EPIC protection for the classroom
EPIC classroom!
An expert gym floor application
UDT application on a gymnasium

Did you know that buffing is a health hazard? Every time an acrylic-coated floor is buffed, chemicals, dust particles, viruses and bacteria are forced into the air and breathed by janitors, teachers, students, and whoever else walks into the vicinity. These airborne contaminants pose a health threat, especially during flu season. Your facility becomes more susceptible to illnesses that spread through the air because the contagion is being stirred off the floors and back into the air of frequently occupied spaces.

According to a report from the CDC/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2019),

A variety of airborne infections in susceptible hosts can result from exposures to clinically significant microorganisms released into the air when environmental reservoirs (i.e., soil, water, dust, and decaying organic matter) are disturbed. Once these materials are brought indoors into a . . . facility by any of a number of vehicles (e.g., people, air currents, water, construction materials, and equipment), the attendant microorganisms can proliferate in various indoor ecological niches and, if subsequently disbursed into the air, serve as a source for airborne . . . infections

(Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities, p. 20).

Pretty scary, right?

Here’s the good news: Ultra Durable Technologies’ floor coatings don’t require ANY buffing! Meaning that keeping the floors clean is not done at the cost of societal health. You don’t have to worry about infection-causing agents, whether they be bacterial or viral, being disturbed and forced back into the air of your facility. UDT helps keep schools clean and easy to clean without using the harmful method of buffing.


Because our coatings fully adhere to flooring and create a seamless surface, bacteria and other contaminants have a much harder time attaching to and growing on floors coated with urethane floor finishes.

Surfaces finished with EPIC & IMPACT are non-porous, so they can be easily wiped clean and sanitized without degrading. There is no guessing as to whether or not your surfaces are actually clean once you have disinfected them with a reliable sanitizer. The only thing that will have sunk into the pores of your flooring is UDT’s coating.

Think of our coatings as a “shield of protection”. Nothing gets into or out of your floors! EPIC and IMPACT protect your floors from bacterial and viral growth and from deterioration caused by harsh chemical solutions, so you can clean without compromising!

Keep that high traffic terrazzo looking bright
IMPACT protects terrazzo
Even the Gym can benefit with UDT
UDT products protect many types of floors

You know a lot about sustainable flooring by now, but do you know about sustainable cleaning?

UDT trusts liquified ozone when it comes to disinfecting hard surfaces and protecting against the spread of illness. Ozone is essentially an oxygen molecule bonded with an extra oxygen atom, and it acts as nature’s bleach. Although ozone is only stable for 15-30 minutes when produced naturally, modern technology has harnessed the power of ozone and has made it possible for ozone to last up to 4 hours. Regardless of how long it lasts, ozone returns to normal water (H2O) once it becomes destabilized. This means ozone can be sprayed on anything (tables, floors, door handles, etc.) without even needing to be wiped off. Unlike the harsh chemicals in commercial cleaners, ozone will simply return to water, evaporate, and leave a clean, disinfected, and non-toxic surface behind.

According to the president of Tersano, a company dedicated to providing sustainable cleaning products with Ozone water, Ozone kills viruses such as COVID-19 “quickly and easily.” This is an incredible finding, especially given the current state of panic the world is experiencing. Ozone may be the solution to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tile and grout surfaces are commonly found in bathrooms, locker rooms and building entrances. Regardless of the space, these floors can get nasty and very difficult to clean. Additionally, grout can be a breeding ground for bacteria which requires a warm, moist environment to grow and reproduce.

UDT has a solution to help get your tile & grout clean and to help keep it clean, too! We created EPIC Tile & Grout to make your tiled surfaces look new but behave better than new! Once your tile & grout floors are coated with EPIC, you will be able to clean the grout with plain water (or liquified ozone) and avoid the frequent use of harsh, acidic chemicals that actually deteriorate your grout.

Simply follow the 3 C’s, and you’ll be well on your way to having EPIC Tile & Grout!

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Listed below are some of UDT’s most common products and systems, specified for each different surface you might encounter within the education industry. If you have any questions about our products or our company, don’t hesitate to call for support at 320-258-2266. We’d be happy to help you!

Lobbies & Entrances:

Cafeterias & Common Areas:

Restrooms & Locker Rooms:


Gymnasiums & Athletic Complexes:

Case study-terrazzo
Case Study of MN ISD 885
EPIC Education PDS
EPIC Tile & Grout PDS
IMPACT for Concrete PDS
IMPACT for Terrazzo PDS

“Our School started using EPIC floor coatings in 2007… Our terrazzo corridors still look great… the coating holds up to salt and sand; and pencil and black boot marks easily wipe off.”

— Bob Zwilling, Maintenance Director, St. Cloud Christian School