The Best Floor Coating for Terrazzo Floors

How do I keep my concrete and terrazzo looking their best?

IMPACT is a coating that is designed to protect terrazzo and concrete floors from physical damage by water and chemicals. Concrete and terrazzo are generally strong materials, but left untreated, these types of flooring tend to get dirty and stained over time.

An excellent solution to this problem is IMPACT Concrete Sealer, a water-based polyurethane coating that cures to provide a protective coating that is impervious to water and most chemicals. Plus, it protects concrete and terrazzo from abrasion caused by wear and tear, extending the lifetime of your concrete, natural stone, or terrazzo floor.

IMPACT, so many options, what can't it do?

IMPACT is a non-slip sealer that adds luster and brightens up your floors and gives them a clean, easy to maintain natural-looking gleam. IMPACT can be customized to increase the levels of slip and abrasion resistance you require. This concrete floor coating is easy to apply and is resistant to even large volumes of pedestrian and machine traffic. You can use IMPACT on any indoor concrete in schools, warehouses, restaurants, hospitals, commercial buildings, and malls to protect your flooring and extend its life. It can be applied and used in internal locations due to its low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and therefore, emits very low odor. IMPACT dries within 4-8 hours of application depending upon applied thickness and ventilation. Our clients confirm that it is odorless when applied and that nearby areas can be used while it is drying.

Easy to clean, easy to use coating for terrazzo floors

While concrete is very strong flooring, it is porous. Left untreated, concrete flooring tends to trap dirt and become stained over time. This occurs in most settings in which concrete is used, not just in garages and warehouses.

Once your floors have been properly prepared and all old coatings (acrylic wax etc.) have been removed, and IMPACT Concrete Sealer is applied, maintenance is very simple. Regular sweeping and damp mopping is all that is required. In the case of spills, it is recommended you clean with a pH-neutral cleaner or ozonated water.

IMPACT is also a very effective concrete and terrazzo floor sealer that reduces slips, trips, and falls with the use of its traction additives, Ultra Grip and UDT Aggregate Additive. In areas where there can moisture such as building entrances or near water sources, it is especially advised to use a traction additive.

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