Concrete Floor Coating

Concrete by any other name just doesn’t have the same IMPACT. As a powder in a bag, it is concrete. Once it is mixed with water and is a flowing liquid paste, it is concrete. And when it is cured and is ready for a concrete floor coating, it is still concrete.

So many varieties of concrete floors to protect.

In today’s world of modern architecture, concrete has become a “go to” flooring. At one time concrete was just for industrial plants, warehouses, garage floors, and basements. New decorative concrete trends such as dyed concrete, and concrete stamping, are garnering mass appeal, making concrete a popular choice, not just for its durability, but for design flexibility as well.

After a concrete floor has been properly prepared and is ready for a concrete floor coating, it is ready to be coated. What do we mean by properly prepared? All layers of old finish need to be removed, deep cracks should be filled and smoothed and the surface made clean, dull and dry. Now it is ready for Ultra Durable Technologies IMPACT Concrete Floor Coating.

Concrete is tough but how tough?

While finished concrete is a very hard and durable flooring, left untreated, a concrete surface is dry and porous. It will eventually break down when repeatedly exposed to the unforgiving reality of friction from tire traffic, foot traffic, material crates/pallets and the exposure to chemicals and moisture in various forms.

What is the best concrete floor coating?

The best way to protect your concrete from the day-to-day wear and tear and give them lasting improved abrasion resistance is with IMPACT Concrete Coating. Seal and protect your concrete with a high gloss finish and make them truly “Ultra Durable Floors”.

Ultra Durable Technologies' IMPACT Concrete Floor Coating is a premium water-based urethane concrete floor coating for traditional concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone floor.

Floor protectors are floor protection!

Keep those concrete floors looking great with these industry leading floor protectors.


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