Concrete Sealer for Factory and Mall Floors

A commercial concrete sealer is an important tool for protecting your factory floor. Most malls also have concrete flooring that must be protected against the wear generated by heavy traffic. Some malls and commercial premises use terrazzo flooring, which demands just as much protection as concrete.

Ultra Durable Technologies, Inc. (UDT) IMPACT Concrete Sealer is a water-based polyurethane sealer suitable for use on concrete, terrazzo, stone, and epoxy flooring. It provides a durable finish with a high level of chemical resistance. Here are some reasons why IMPACT is used as a commercial concrete sealer for factory and mall floors among many other commercial uses.

indent-175• Polyurethane concrete sealers provide a protective film over concrete and other flooring surfaces such as terrazzo and natural stone.
• IMPACT concrete urethane sealer offers a high level of scuff and abrasion resistance. This includes resistance high levels of pedestrian traffic.
• The sealer is transparent and does not yellow with age - it is perfect for sealing and protecting white and pale-colored concrete as well as natural stone.
• Low odor on application because the coating is water based and has low VOCs.

In addition to the above benefits, IMPACT is a commercial grade concrete sealer that enhances the charm and elegance of colored concrete finishes and terrazzo flooring. The same is true of exposed aggregate and stamped concrete. In fact, IMPACT concrete sealer is more than just a sealer. It offers resistance to scuffing, and accents the beauty of any concrete surface.

Why Use Impact Polyurethane Concrete Sealant?

It takes time and a high level of technical knowledge to design and install decorative concrete and terrazzo flooring. Such dedication deserves a proper commitment to its preservation, even if only under normal conditions of use. The use of IMPACT Concrete Sealer to preserve such beautiful flooring displays ensures your work will endure and withstand high levels of traffic without significant deterioration.

IMPACT is a water-based polyurethane sealant that contains a very low amount of VOCs is environmentally friendly and presents the lowest possible risk to those responsible for applying it to the floor. Spillage is easy to clean up with water, yet the finished dried product is significantly more resistant to abrasion and heavy traffic than most high VOC-containing concrete sealants.

More than Just a Commercial Concrete Sealer

IMPACT is more than an ordinary commercial concrete sealer - it enhances the look of your flooring by creating a unique ambiance and shimmering veneer for your visitors and clients to admire as they walk on it. Grey ordinary concrete becomes a beautiful gloss or matte floor and terrazzo colors are enhanced to the maximum of their sparkling brilliance.

Add a high level of resistance to wear and abrasion and you have the perfect concrete floor sealant you could ever wish for. By giving your flooring the care and attention it deserves, your clients, visitors and passing traffic will comment on how new and clean your concrete flooring looks.

Those important repeat visits are practically guaranteed! And it dries within 4-8 hours after application. Coat your concrete in the evening and it’s ready for walking on the next morning. Transparent, non-yellowing and looking fantastic - all just by using IMPACT commercial concrete sealer.