Are you looking for an alternative to the expense and disruption caused by using traditional acrylic floor finish?

Long Lasting Urethane Floor Finish

Hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers all require a highly durable, chemical resistant floor coatings. This is the perfect environment for Ultra Durable Technologies EPIC® urethane floor finish. One coat that dries in as little as four hours will provide a long lasting durable finish that never needs buffing. This EPIC® finish requires no stripping before recoating. How long will it last? Depending on traffic and wear, 2-3 years can be expected, but many patient rooms will not need recoating for up to 5 years. A typical wax floor would require 5 times the labor to maintain.

Why Choose EPIC?

Why is EPIC® urethane floor finish a great choice for a medical facility such as a hospital, laboratories, clinics or dialysis centers?
EPIC® is a one coat finish that will protect your floors for years. No more waxing, no more burnishing…never strip your floors again.
Enjoy your shiny floors and the money you will save for years to come.

Benefits include:

  • High Chemical Resistance (Albertan, hand sanitizers)
  • Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Matte
  • 1 Coat / Low VOCs
  • Never Buff = Substantial Labor Savings
  • 4 hr Fast Dry Time
  • No Stripping
  • Recoating only after 3 to 5 Years
  • Less Ongoing Disturbances (scrubbing, recoating, buffing, stripping process)
  • Very Low Odor
  • Maintenance Simplified
  • Floors are easily cleaned as needed and no other maintenance is required. Healthcare facilities can reduce floor maintenance labor hours substantially.
  • Traditional acrylic waxed floors require at least 5 times the labor hours as EPIC.

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“After the initial application of EPIC® we experienced a positive return on investment within 10 months.”
— Billy Dale, St. Johns Mercy Hospital, Springfield, MO

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