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The EPIC Solution For Healthy Floors

Hospitals, clinics, and dialysis centers all require highly-durable and chemical-resistant floor coatings. When census figures are high, hospital floors start to diminish because traditional acrylic waxes wear down quickly. EPIC® is the perfect solution for this challenge. One coat of EPIC® lasts 10-50 times longer than traditional acrylic wax, and EPIC® provides this continuous protection without any buffing – ever!

EPIC® has rewarded hospitals with clean and great-looking floors for over a decade. EPIC® allows EVS Directors and Supervisors additional time to focus on making hospitals cleaner and safer places for patients and employees.

EPIC Semi-gloss on wood-grain sheet vinyl
EPIC Semi-gloss on wood-grain sheet vinyl - Korsair Children's Hospital
EPIC Floor Finish on wood grain vinyl
EPIC Gloss on wood-grain sheet vinyl - FMC Clinic

“EPIC Floor Finish requires no buffing and no maintenance from our floor staff and it is resistant to hand sanitizer. I urge any EVS Director to use EPIC Floor Finish. The results are truly EPIC!”

Jeff Klenovic  
EVS Director  
Evergreen Health – Kirkland, WA  

Why Choose EPIC?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the EPIC® urethane floor finish and why it is proven to be a great choice for medical facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, clinics and dialysis centers.

How long will EPIC last?

This is a great question! Through 25 years of urethane floor finish experience, UDT has found that 1 coat of EPIC will retain its excellent appearance for 2-5 years. That means EPIC lasts 10-50 times longer than acrylic finish! The length of time between recoats of EPIC varies by location within the hospital.

Does EPIC require buffing-burnishing?

NO – Never buff or burnish EPIC because it is formulated to retain its gloss without the need for buffing or burnishing. This may dull the Epic over time, so don’t waste any more time buffing.

Is EPIC resistant to Alcohol Hand Sanitizer?

YES – EPIC is resistant to liquid, gel, and foam alcohol hand sanitizers! Unlike most other floor finishes, EPIC will withstand repeated exposure to these very common hand sanitizer solutions.

Is EPIC resistant to staining from Betadine, Povidone, and other antiseptic surgical products?

YES – EPIC is extremely stain resistant! Occasionally certain surgical preparation chemicals will leave a mild stain on the floor which can be removed with an alcohol wipe solution.

Does EPIC ever need to be stripped or removed?

NO – With proper education and floor cleaning practices, EPIC will never need to be removed. Previous urethane finishes have required stripping due to yellowing and improper floor preparation, application and cleaning practices. Regardless, the UDT Urethane Remover is formulated to remove EPIC and other urethane finishes.

What is the maintenance of Epic Floor Finish?

Epic requires no maintenance! Epic only requires proper cleaning techniques to preserve the longevity of Epic floor finish. Microfiber mops and UDT Microfiber Scrub Pads will not abrade EPIC, are efficient at removing dirt and scuffs, and are ideal for difficult-to-clean textured floors such as “wood look” LVT floors with 3-dimensional grain patterns.

Can my floor technicians apply EPIC or do I need to hire a contractor to apply EPIC?

A UDT representative will help you make this decision. Medium-to-large hospitals frequently benefit from applying EPIC “in-house”. Smaller facilities and clinics may benefit from having an experienced contractor prepare and apply EPIC. EPIC Tile & Grout Restoration is a service that is often outsourced to a contractor.

Does EPIC require training?

While it is not required, training is suggested. Some manufacturers have given urethane floor finish a bad name by not properly educating facility managers and floor technicians. Our training will ensure not only a successful initial application of EPIC, but also great looking floors for years to come.

How many floor technicians does it take to apply EPIC?

One or Two – Floor technicians can prepare and apply EPIC at the same rate as your current floor program. Our training includes proven acrylic wax removal processes which is essential to the longevity of the EPIC floor finish. Additionally, only 1 coat of EPIC is needed compared to 4-6 coats of acrylic wax.

Can I do anything to make EPIC last longer?

Yes – EPIC is extremely durable. However, improper furniture and chair feet can scratch the finish. UDT has an extensive line of floor protectors that will lengthen the time between recoats and protect the investment you make into EPIC.

What is the Gloss level of EPIC?

EPIC is available in Matte and Gloss

“We made the switch from acrylic wax to EPIC in 2011 and it has saved us time, money and our floors look great, too! UDT showed us how to prepare the floors and apply EPIC and we haven’t looked back or opened a gallon of acrylic wax since!”

Paul Becker  
EVS Manager  
McFarland Clinic – Ames, IA  

EPIC Matte on LVT - Whitaker Clinic - UAB Hospital

“EPIC really works! Since we started applying EPIC in our hospital, HCAHPS scores increased because our floors continue to stay clean and shiny and customers really notice and appreciate that. Thank you EPIC!”

Jonathan Verbus  
EVS Director  
Shore Regional Health – Easton, MD  

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