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For over a decade, UDT has been providing EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish for healthcare settings. As a result, businesses throughout the USA have benefitted from improved facility floorcare programs. 

Hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities all require very durable and chemical-resistant floor coatings, and it’s also important that they look their best. Yet, most healthcare facilities have floors coated with traditional acrylic wax floor finishes. Unfortunately, acrylic waxes rapidly diminish and require constant labor, energy, and buffing to maintain.


Unlike other finishes that claim to be chemical-resistant floor coatings, EPIC provides continuous protection against abrasion and damage from medical-grade chemicals. More specifically, EPIC resists liquid, gel, and foam alcohol hand sanitizers. It is also extremely stain resistant against Povidone and other antiseptic surgical products.

“EPIC really works! Since we started applying EPIC in our hospital, HCAHPS scores increased because our floors continue to stay clean and shiny and customers really notice and appreciate that. Thank you, EPIC!”

Jonathan Verbus, EVS Director at Shore Regional Health
– Easton, MD

E.R. entrance

UDT knows that time and the budget are two of the most important factors that affect floorcare decisions within the healthcare industry. Therefore, we recommend our extremely low-maintenance floor finish. EPIC ensures easy-to-clean surfaces while providing additional time for healthcare staff to sanitize and disinfect key touchpoints.

In fact, only one thin coat of EPIC needs to be reapplied every 3-5 years. By contrast, acrylic waxes require incessant buffing as well as recoating every 1-3 months. Also, recoats can be done quickly and easily without causing areas to be shut down for extended periods of time.

Moreover, maintenance is a snap! Cleaning EPIC-coated floors only requires the use of a neutral cleaner and a microfiber mop or auto scrubber.  This simple regimen is unheard of with other floor finishes for healthcare settings.

patient room shiny floor

In high foot traffic areas, EPIC keeps scuffs and scratches at bay. Plus, we know that healthcare facilities routinely endure a huge amount of wear-and-tear each day from machines, furniture, and other sources. Despite the abuse, EPIC-coated floors look great and last for years after they are finished. EPIC also resists yellowing and UV light exposure, preventing the discoloration that occurs in most floor finishes for hospitals. Because it helps floors look their best, EPIC does its part to increase HCAHPS scores, which measure patient satisfaction with the cleanliness of their surroundings.

patient safety

Frequently, the entryways of healthcare facilities are comprised of terrazzo flooring. Combining UDT’s EPIC with our signature EPIC Bond Promoter provides the extra adhesion and durability needed for enhancing and maintaining terrazzo as well as polished concrete.

For extra traction, our own Ultra Grip and UDT's Aggregate Additive prevents slips and falls, especially when there is extra moisture on the floor. EPIC meets ADA and OSHA DCOF non-slip traction recommendations, which serve to measure safety levels for building occupants. More information can be found in our blog article, "How to Make Floors Anti-Slip".

Although high-gloss coatings are typically preferred, the floors within long-term care facilities tend to be coated with a matte finish. The lower shine of matte coatings is safer for the inhabitants because it prevents visual impairments and resultant injuries associated with slips, trips, and falls. Fortunately, EPIC Matte finish is durable enough to withstand walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and other vehicles in such environments and will rejuvenate and extend the life of any vinyl flooring!

“We made the switch from acrylic wax to EPIC in 2011, and it has saved us time and money. Our floors look great, too! UDT showed us how to prepare the floors and apply EPIC, and we haven’t looked back or opened a gallon of acrylic wax since!”

Paul Becker, EVS Manager at McFarland Clinic
– Ames, IA


The quality of indoor air (IAQ) is of the utmost importance in a healthcare setting, especially during the recent COVID pandemic. Thankfully, because EPIC-coated floors do not need to be buffed, overall facility indoor air quality is not compromised. Infectious airborne pathogens and particulate matter that can be easily breathed in during the buffing process are no longer propelled into the air.

Another culprit that affects IAQ is the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are chemical pollutants emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids that cause adverse health risks. EPIC’s low-odor formula boasts low levels of VOCs. Also, given the fact that floors will only need to be recoated every 3-5 years, it drastically reduces the amount of any VOCs that are introduced into the air.

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