UDT Metallic Pigment

Deep - Rich - 3D - Exotic - Durable!

UDT Metallics are dry, powdered pigments composed of mica particles coated with various specialty organic and inorganic pigments. Combine UDT Metallics with UDT MC Epoxy to provide brilliant, iridescent, three-dimensional effects that dazzle the onlooker. UDT’s MC Epoxy is specifically formulated to be 100% compatible with UDT Metallics, meaning there will be no bubbles or outgassing, excellent clarity, and extreme durability.

Follow UDT’s detailed standard operating procedures found in the Technical Data Sheet to ensure a successful metallic application each-and-every time. UDT Representatives will help you choose the best topcoat for your environment such as IMPACT water-based urethane, Ultra HTS high-solids urethane, or UltraSpartic.  For a very unique look, try the IMPACT Matte finish which has almost zero gloss, yielding an incredibly unique appearance that is like no other metallic topcoat on the market.

  • Excellent self-leveling
  • No bubbles or outgassing issues
  • Great color movement
  • Superb UV-resistance and color-fastness
  • Compatible with multiple UDT topcoats
UDT Metallic Epoxy System
UDT Metallic Epoxy System
UDT Metallic Pigment Colors