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FOR Airports, Bus and Train Stations

First impressions really do matter.

Shiny, clean floors of transportation centers are essential when it comes to leaving a good impression on travelers. They contribute to a clean, orderly and welcoming environment, and those who pass through will be more likely to review their experience positively. Fortunately, EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish is the ideal solution to enhance and protect transportation facility surfaces. Read on to learn more about this industry-changing floor finish for transportation centers.


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Airport concourses, baggage claims, and ticketing areas are typically some of the busiest places in the travel industry. Travelers drag suitcases across the floors of these spaces 24/7, which can damage surfaces. When weather conditions are poor, the impact of foot and luggage traffic is amplified by water, dirt, and road salt that is tracked into facilities.

With one thin coat, EPIC minimizes scratching and wear patterns while dramatically reducing scheduled intensive maintenance. The application process is quick, can be completed in phases, and only needs to be repeated every 3-5 years. By contrast, acrylic waxes require incessant buffing as well as recoating every 1–3 months. Once applied, EPIC dries in as little as 4 hours!

Switching to EPIC saves an ever-increasing amount of time, energy, and money on floor care. Routine maintenance, for example, only requires water and a microfiber mop! EPIC also resists yellowing and UV light, meaning it prevents the discoloration that occurs in most floor finishes. Even in high-traffic areas, EPIC keeps scuffs and scratches at bay!


Every time an acrylic-coated floor is buffed, chemicals, dust particles, and bacteria are propelled into the air and breathed building occupants. This is especially concerning during the COVID pandemic and flu season. Thankfully, EPIC’s unique formula never needs to be buffed. Therefore, indoor air quality (IAQ) is no longer compromised by floorcare  maintenance, and the result is the promotion of overall health of a facility.

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Transportation center floors must provide grip for travelers and their luggage to make it safely through the system despite any debris that gets tracked in. When people are running late for a flight or need to get from one subway train to another, they are paying less attention to their surroundings and are most likely moving at a faster pace than usual. This is a classic combination that results in slips, trips, falls, and even injuries.

To reduce slip risks while still giving floors an attractive appearance, combine EPIC with our Ultra Grip and Aggregate Additives! Mixing in Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate results in a surface that has traction, strength, and beauty. Choose from an array of grit levels to achieve the desired resistance and degree of light reflection.

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