Ultra Grip Ultra Fine, Fine, Medium and Coarse

UDT coatings and sealers are formulated so that ULTRA Grip abrasion and slip additives will hold within in the finish. The use of ULTRA Grip mixed into UDT coatings and sealers will allow users to achieve that sought after high-gloss floor that can now be both safe and durable at the same time!

Many traditional sealers and coatings will often get slippery when they are wet. As these sealers wear down (and eventually wear off) the floor often becomes less slippery. Unfortunately, as the sealer wears off, any protection dissipates at the same time. This is what we at UDT call a “catch 22” situation.

Add ULTRA Grip Ultra Fine, Fine, Medium or Coarse additives to various Ultra Durable coatings and finishes to achieve increased performance of both the slip and abrasion resistance.

Consult with Ultra Durable Technologies for honest, reliable recommendations for slip and abrasion additives for our various floor systems.