Floor Protectors

Floor Protectors

Ultra Durable Technologies, Inc. (UDT) is proud to be a distributor for Expanded Technologies, a leading manufacturer of floor protectors. Check out the specs below for the floor protector you need for your EPIC® or IMPACT finished floor.

Wrap-Around® Floor Savers®

provide floor protection for chairs with sled bases.

Wrap around floor protectors• Easy to apply
• Attaches to itself for longer lasting, improved hold
• Conforms to glide or rail to achieve a perfect fit
• NEW vinyl wear cushion distributes weight, casing less wear to pad and floor

Use Wrap-Around® Floor Savers® for Sled based style chair, bookcases, desks and credenzas, file cabinets, stackable chairs and music stands

Recommended for Hardwood floors, VCT, Vinyl, Linoleum, Finished concrete and ceramic tile floors.
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New Clear Sleeve™ Sliders

prevent carpet damage caused by moving furniture.

Clear• Prevents damage to carpet caused by moving furniture

• Securely forms to furniture legs without adhesive

• Keeps legs from snagging carpet

• Furniture slides more easily, reducing strain on furniture joints

The transparent, flexible sleeve securely forms to the size and shape of chair or table legs, eliminating the need for adhesive. The built-in sliders help move furniture easily and keep furniture from loosening. They allow tables and chairs to move easily across carpets and ceramic tile and help protect the bottom of the chair leg.
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Snap-On Floor Savers®

Snap-on floor protectors• Easy to install without tools
• Locks in place without adhesive
• Protect floors from scratches and rust stains
• Help keep rooms quiet by reducing noise when moving chairs and tables
• Reduce furniture damage by alleviating stress on joints
• Extend the life of original furniture glide

Snap-On Floor Savers® feature reinforced felt covering a durable plastic frame that snaps over existing swivel glides. These Floor Savers® are easy to install and the deep well and sturdy rim ensure they remain attached where others fall off.

Recommended for
All hard floor surfaces including VCT, luxury vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, finished concrete and hardwood.
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Heavy Duty Felt Pads

reduce noise and protect floors from scratches, dents and rust stains. With peel and stick backs, our heavy duty felt pads help keep furniture joints from loosening, protect any type of hard floor and reduce noise associated with sliding furniture.

heavy duty pad floor protectorsUse Heavy Duty Felt Pads to
• Protect floors from scratches and dents
• Guard against rust stains
• Help prevent furniture joints from loosening
• Reduce noise

Recommended for wood, VCT, Vinyl and Linoleum and concrete floors, drawers, furniture surfaces and cabinet doors.
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Savings on Floor Protection

One of the biggest ongoing flooring maintenance issues is scratches, especially those caused by equipment and furniture such as carts, bookcases, chairs, and tables that are constantly moved back and forth across the office and warehouse flooring. Make sure you keep your floor looking great with these industry leading floor protectors.

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Wrap-Around® Floor Savers®, Clear Sleeve™, Snap-On Floor Savers® are Trademarks of Expanded Technologies.