Floor & Surface Protectors

Help Ensure Your Flooring Stays Looking Like New

One of the easiest ways to reduce the incident of floor scratches is to protect the legs, casters, and sliders of expensive equipment and furniture. Solutions range from simple self-adhesive felt pads to Snap-On Floor Savers®, Slip-On® Floor Savers®, Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors, Wrap-Around™ Floor Savers®, or a myriad of other solutions distributed by ULTRA DURABLE Durable Technologies.

Even when properly attached, flooring protectors and felt pads will wear over time, become damaged and may fall off. So check your furniture and floor protectors often to make sure that the protectors are securely in place and free of dirt and debris.

Useful in All Environments

Expanded Technologies products are helpful in any environment, homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and schools. The products reduce maintenance costs by providing a variety of solutions that reduce damage and wear caused by furniture.

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