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The EPIC® Solution For Healthy Floors

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Hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities all require very durable and chemical-resistant flooringTraditional acrylic floor finishes (aka waxes) rapidly diminish and require constant labor, energy, and buffing to keep them looking presentable.  

Alternatively, one thin coat of Ultra Durable Technologies’EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish lasts up to 50 times longer than traditional acrylic floor finishes. EPIC provides continuous protection against abrasion and medical-grade chemicals, and it can even prevent viral and bacterial growth by providing a seamless, easily-sanitized surface that requires no buffing or frequent refinishing. 

When census figures are high, or when our nation is facing widespread illness such as COVID-19there is little-to-no time left to maintain floors. Disinfecting demands are currently at an all-time high, and housekeeping budgets are being strained as a result. Because using EPIC results in significant labor savings, EVS Directors and Supervisors are rewarded with additional time to focus on sanitizing and disinfecting. This ensures healthcare facilities will be safe while also having floors that look new and stay that way! 

Available in Gloss and Matte sheens, EPIC has rewarded hospitals with clean and great-looking floors for over a decade. EPIC saves time, money, and effort even for routine cleaning, which only requires water and a microfiber mop or UDT Microfiber Scrub Pads! This low-VOC, water-based urethane finish eliminates the need for tedious buffing, stripping, and waxing. Recoating is only needed every 3-5 years as opposed to buffing and/or recoating every 13 months for traditional acrylic. 

* The length of time between recoats of EPIC varies by location within the hospital. 

Keeps your no-wax floors, no wax.
Clinics save money by not stripping or waxing.

“We made the switch from acrylic wax to EPIC in 2011, and it has saved us time and money. Our floors look great, too! UDT showed us how to prepare the floors and apply EPIC, and we haven’t looked back or opened a gallon of acrylic wax since!”

Paul Becker   
EVS Manager   
McFarland Clinic – Ames, IA 

No Buffing!

Did you know that buffing is a health hazard? Every time an acrylic-coated floor is buffed, chemicals, dust particles, viruses, and bacteria are forced into the air and breathed by janitors, patients, doctors, nurses, and whoever else walks into the vicinity. These airborne contaminants pose a health threat, especially during flu season. Your facility becomes more susceptible to illnesses that spread through the air because the contagion is being stirred off the floors and back into the air of frequently occupied spaces.  

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According to a report from the CDC / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2019),

A variety of airborne infections in susceptible hosts can result from exposures to clinically significant microorganisms released into the air when environmental reservoirs (i.e., soil, water, dust, and decaying organic matter) are disturbed. Once these materials are brought indoors into a . . . facility by any of a number of vehicles (e.g., people, air currents, water, construction materials, and equipment), the attendant microorganisms can proliferate in various indoor ecological niches and, if subsequently disbursed into the air, serve as a source for airborne . . . infections.

(Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities, p. 20)

Pretty scary, right?

Here’s the good news: Ultra Durable Technologies’ floor coatings don’t require ANY buffing! Keeping floors clean and shiny is not done at the cost of societal health. You don’t have to worry about infection-causing agents, whether they be bacterial or viral, being disturbed and forced back into the air of your facility. UDT helps keep healthcare facilities clean and easy to clean without using the harmful method of buffing.



EPIC is resistant to liquid, gel, and foam alcohol hand sanitizers! Unlike most other floor finishes, EPIC will withstand repeated exposure to these very common hand sanitizer solutions. EPIC is also extremely stain resistanteven against Povidone and other antiseptic surgical products! Occasionally, certain strong surgical preparation chemicals will leave a mild stain on a floor coated with EPIC. These minor stains can be removed by using an alcohol wipe solution!

Hand Sanitizer

No-wax floors are becoming very popular in healthcare settings, especially LVT floors. Because the factory finish on LVT flooring tends to wear out quickly in high-traffic areas, many healthcare facilities have opted to use acrylic wax in order to maintain these no-wax floors. Doesn’t this seem a little ironic? 
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Stop waxing LVT and other no-wax floors! Instead, keep your “no-wax” floors no wax by switching to EPIC. EPIC protects LVT and, unlike traditional acrylic wax, lasts for years before a recoat is needed! Floors coated with acrylic wax must be frequently scrubbed, recoated, and buffed to maintain a consistent appearance. This causes harmful air, a significant amount of chemical waste, and excessive labor costs, energy, time, and money. EPIC extends the life of LVT and other no-wax floors with sustainable innovation and incomparable durability.  


The qualities of EPIC make it ideal for clinics, exam rooms, and especially patient rooms within hospitals and other healthcare-related facilities. UDT knows that time really is money within the healthcare industry.
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UDT understands the lack of time healthcare workers have to keep their floors clean and their facilities sanitized and disinfected. We also know that applying and maintaining floor finishes is nearly impossible as patient rooms are generally occupied. With this in mind, UDT recommends the extremely low-maintenance and highly chemical-resistant EPIC High-performance floor finish.

With a dry time of only 4 hours, one thin coat of EPIC can be applied without the need for multiple coats. This can be done quickly and easily without risking a significant wait time for the re-occupation of the room. Due to the minimal maintenance required for EPIC floors, the staff of hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities can remain focused on sanitizing and disinfecting all while keeping patient rooms filled. Stop waxing and buffing your money away. Switch to sustainable, ultra-durable floors and have time to spare for sanitation!

EPIC's long-lasting shine protects the busiest places.
Cut down on floor maintenance in patient rooms.

“EPIC Floor Finish requires no buffing and no maintenance from our floor staff and is resistant to hand sanitizer. I urge any EVS Director to use EPIC Floor Finish. The results are truly EPIC!” Jeff Klenovic   EVS Director   Evergreen Health – Kirkland, WA


Create a healthier air and more hygienic restroom environment! All it takes is following the 3 C’s. For restrooms or any other grouted surface within a healthcare facility, UDT’s EPIC Tile & Grout System helps keep the smell away!
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The EPIC Tile & Grout System acts to 1) CLEAN, 2) COLOR, and 3) COAT any dirty or discolored tiled surface, leaving behind a restored, seamless, and fresh-smelling floor surface. A clean and fresh-smelling EPIC restroom is not only more appealing to patients and employees; it is also a result of healthier air and a more hygienic environment! All it takes is following the 3 C’s: 

  1. CLEAN with Ultra Deep Clean 
  2. COLOR with UDT Grout Colorant 
  3. COAT with EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish 


EPIC protects tile & grout.
Easy-to-clean restroom coated with EPIC.

EPIC Matte finish is durable enough to withstand shuffling walkers and will rejuvenate and extend the life of LVT flooring! EPIC is restorative and resistant without the repeated disruptions that are common with traditional floor finish procedures
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Due to the glare that can be caused by high gloss, the floors within long-term care facilities tend to be coated with a matte finish. This lower shine is safer for the inhabitants because it prevents visual impairments and therefore injuries associated with slips, trips, and falls 

UDT recommends our EPIC Matte Finish because it includes all the benefits listed above but with a softer and flatter sheen, making it perfectly suitable for long-term care facilities or any healthcare facility catering to a similar population.  

EPIC makes flooring extremely durable and scratch-resistant, which is ideal for abusive environments such as those in the path of wheelchairswalkers, canes, and other damaging vehicles. EPIC is also quick to apply and quick to dry, and it only requires a recoat every few years. UDT understands that long-term care staff prefer the lowest maintenance product when it comes to floor care. By using EPIC, the hassle of clearing out the facility for floor maintenance can wait 3-5 years or more after the initial coat. Stop the incessant disruptions! 


In high-traffic areas such as corridors, EPIC keeps scuffs and scratches at bay! Despite the high amount of wear-and-tear healthcare hallways endure each day, EPIC has been proven to remain intact and full of luster
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EPIC also resists yellowing, which is typically a major floor finish issue (especially for healthcare hallways lined with fluorescent lights). EPIC ensures easy-to-clean corridor floors while providing additional time for healthcare staff to sanitize and disinfect doorknobs, bathrooms, and other areas that may get missed when they have less time available. 

Blocking off corridors and redirecting traffic for floor care maintenance is a major hassle. With EPIC, ½ of hallway can be completed at one time. Contractors have even created bridges so that nurses and patients can travel in and out of patient rooms while the floor finish driesImagine if you only need to do this once every 3-5 years and never have to buff again! 

Entrances are high-traffic areas. Protect them with EPIC.
The protection lasts for years.
Minimizes floor maintenance in busy areas by switching to EPIC.

The entryways of healthcare facilities are often comprised of terrazzo flooring. UDT’s IMPACT Concrete Sealer is the perfect fit for maintaining this type of flooring while also paving the way for safe entry.
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IMPACT is very similar to EPIC but is specifically tailored to provide a seamless seal and shine to concrete, terrazzo, and stone flooring. Because it is made for rock-solid flooring, IMPACT is even a bit tougher than EPIC (which is hard to believe, given the durability of EPIC). AdditionallyIMPACT resists yellowing, which is typically a major floor finish issue (especially for healthcare entrances with many windows). 

For extra traction, our Ultra Grip and Aggregate Additive will prevent slips and falls for anyone entering the building, especially when there is extra moisture on the floor from poor weather or routine cleaning.


Ultra Durable Technologies has an entire line of durable and decorative concrete coating systems that are frequently specified for healthcare environments. Our systems are not only low odor and low VOC, they also are extremely durable and sustainable.
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Ask about our seamless flooring systems that are often required by law in laboratories, sanitization, and operating rooms.

UDT Chip Flake and Quartz systems can be applied on the floor and up the wall, creating a seamless and easy-to-sanitize solution where required. Seamless quartz systems are often specified in laboratories and operation rooms due to their durability and chemical resistance.

Once a hospital or clinic has opened its doors and census figures are high, it can be difficult to schedule a proper time for getting the floors coated with a durable finish. When possible, and for this very reason, beating the crowd and coating the floors during the construction phase can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to utilize UDT coatings, including EPIC and IMPACT.


One of the first questions EVSDirectors and Supervisors ask is: Can my floor technicians apply EPIC, or do I need to hire a contractor? UDT offerpreparation-and-application training program specifically for hospital staff! 
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UDT representatives are always willing and ready to help make this decision. Large hospitals frequently benefit from applying EPIC “in-house”. Small and medium-sized hospitals and clinics may benefit from having trained and experienced contractors prepare and apply EPIC. EPIC Tile & Grout Restoration is a service that is often best served by an experienced contractor. 

While it is not required, training is suggested for any kind of EPIC preparation and application. Some manufacturers have given urethane floor finish a bad name by not properly educating facility managers and floor technicians. Our training will ensure not only a successful initial application of EPIC but also a great looking floor for years to come. 

One or two trained floor technicians are all that is required to finish an entire hospital with EPIC because you won’t have to constantly have the floors refinished every 3-6 months. Our training includes proven acrylic wax removal processes, which are essential to great-looking floors and ensure the longevity of the EPIC floor finish. Only 1 coat of EPIC is needed compared to 4-6 coats of acrylic wax. 

“EPIC really works! Since we started applying EPIC in our hospital, HCAHPS scores increased because our floors continue to stay clean and shiny and customers really notice and appreciate that. Thank you EPIC!”

Jonathan Verbus  
EVS Director  
Shore Regional Health – Easton, MD  


UDT trusts liquified ozonewhen it comes to disinfecting hard surfaces and protecting against the spread of illness. Ozone is essentially an oxygen molecule bonded with an extra oxygen atom, and it acts as nature’s bleach.
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Although ozone is only stable for 15-30 minutes when produced naturally, modern technology has harnessed the power of ozone and has made it possible for ozone to last up to 4 hours. 

Regardless of how long it lasts, ozone returns to normal water (H2O) once it becomes destabilized. This means ozone can be sprayed on anything (tables, floors, door handles, etc.) without even needing to be wiped off. Unlike the harsh chemicals in commercial cleaners, ozone will simply return to water, evaporate, and leave a clean, disinfected, and non-toxic surface behind. 

According to the president of Tersano, a company dedicated to providing sustainable cleaning products with Ozone water, Ozone kills viruses such as COVID-19 “quickly and easily.” This is an incredible finding, especially given the current state of panic the world is experiencing. To connect with a rep for more information, email or call 320-2582266! 


UDT coatings are extremely durable. However, unprotected furniture and chair feet can scratch the finish over time and affect its lifespanLuckily, we offer an extensive line of floor protectors that will lengthen the time between recoats and ensure the longest lifespan possible for the overall floor surface. 

Consult with Ultra Durable Technologies for honest, reliable recommendations relating to resilient floor care. Email all inquiries to or call 320-258-2266!


Listed below are some of the most common UDT products for the Healthcare industry. For more info on a specific product or system, email or call 320-258-2266!







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