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IMPACT Guard Polished Concrete Protection

Polished Concrete Protection

IMPACT Guard is the first of its kind of “new generation” polished concrete and epoxy terrazzo floor coatings. Impact Guard utilizes reactive technology blended with a urethane polymer. This durable, high-performance sealer is extremely stain and abrasion resistant and is available in high-gloss, satin and matte versions. IMPACT Guard will dramatically enhance the appearance and performance of any polished concrete or terrazzo floor.

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The unique formula is applied directly to new or existing polished floors and is compatible with most concrete densifiers. IMPACT Guard is the ideal stain and abrasion protector for any polished floor or counter that may experience high traffic, acidic or alkaline spills, or deterioration due to harsh environmental conditions.


• Extreme stain protection
• Excellent gloss retention with minimal maintenance
• Enhances dyes and colors more than traditional 1 guard systems
• Extends the life of polished floors
• Reduces traffic patterns and wear-through in high use areas
• Restores existing etched and pitted polished floors
• Increased wet and dry slip resistance
• Low odor and VOCs


• Interior polished concrete, terrazzo, marble and other polished surfaces

Industry Applications

Include but are not limited to:
• Airports
Healthcare & Hospitals
Hospitality & Restaurants
Industrial & Warehouse Spaces
Retail & Commercial Spaces
Educational Facilities
Sport Facilities

Floor Protection

One of the biggest ongoing flooring maintenance issues is scratches, especially those caused by equipment and furniture such as carts, bookcases, chairs and tables that are constantly moved back and forth across office and warehouse flooring. Make sure you keep you floor looking great with these industry leading floor protectors.

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