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Manufacturing facilities with concrete floors require preventive maintenance procedures to ensure safe, clean, non-slip floors. Leaving concrete unprotected in an abusive, high-traffic environment can result in cracking, spalling, and eventually crumbling from the movement of forklifts and other heavy machinery. Pitted, bumpy, and rough floors can be dangerous in an manufacturing setting, but the proper industrial-strength coatings can prevent future damage. High-build systems using epoxies and polyaspartics can fill pits, spalls, and cracks.  A urethane topcoat will increase chemical resistance, gloss retention, wear resistance, cleanability, and traction when desired.


UDT’s clear urethane grind and seal systems are simple and efficient solutions that provide excellent protection for concrete floors while highlighting the beauty the natural concrete. IMPACT and Ultra HTS grind and seal systems are economical, thin-film alternatives to high-build epoxy systems and an alternative to the costly concrete polishing process. IMPACT and Ultra HTS are very low-odor sealers that can be easily repaired and/or recoated – saving you time and money up front and down the road.

With the addition of special aggregates and additives, our urethane systems can provide a slip-resistant flooring solution to maintain a safe work environment. Simply mix the aggregate right into the topcoat to achieve a very uniform application and consistent finish. Ultra HTS can hold up to seven times the aggregate of water-based urethane systems and has a working time that is seven times longer than most urethanes.

Ultra HTS applied over MC Epoxy or UltraSpartic yields our most chemical resistant and durable urethane finish for concrete.  If a fast turn-around time is needed, one thin coat of IMPACT water-based urethane can be applied directly to concrete. IMPACT is a clear finish that is available in Gloss or Matte sheens that dries as quickly as 4 hours for light traffic!

safety lines warehouse floor
Safety lines help prevent accidents.
Industrial floor coatings make this factory floor shine
Factory floor protected by UDT


UDT offers multiple clear and pigmented industrial coating systems for concrete. For a more natural concrete finish, IMPACT and Ultra HTS are excellent clear and non-yellowing coatings.

Many of UDT’s clear coatings can be tinted with UltraColor Pigment Packs, including MC Epoxy Standard Cure, Fast Cure, MC-UV, UltraSpartic, and Ultra HTS.  UltraColor Pigment Packs are available in a variety of colors to suit your customer’s desires.

Pigmented coatings can be used to create safety lines or other line striping systems to designate safe walkways, manage traffic flow, and number aisles. Choose a light-colored pigmented coating and a reflective finish to brighten your working environment with no additional lighting required!


For enhanced UV resistance and color stability over a long period of time, UDT has a variety of UV-resistant coatings.  MC-UV Epoxy is an excelled UV-resistant epoxy that is extremely user-friendly and cost effective. UltraSpartic polyaspartics are extremely UV-resistant and can be used as a primer, body coat and a topcoat. This allows for extremely fast turn-around times. Ultra HTS and IMPACT are excellent UV-resistant topcoats that protect floors from chemical attack and abrasion, providing a very durable and sustainable system for years to come.


When choosing UDT’s industrial quartz system, the result is an aesthetically pleasing surface that is strong, abrasion resistant, and chemical resistant. Industrial quartz floors typically have a high coefficient of friction (slip resistance) due to the texture of the stones at the surface. However, the amount of “grittiness” can be adjusted by adjusting the thickness of the topcoat. Designed for medium to high traffic areas, quartz floors can withstand abuse from heavy-duty equipment, carts, pallet jacks, and forklifts.

Industrial floor coatings protecting a warehouse floor.
Warehouse floor protected for years to come
A lighter color brightens work area.
IMPACT for Concrete PDS
MC Epoxy TDS
UltraSpartic HS - TDS


  • loading docks
  • production areas
  • mechanical areas
  • storage areas
  • containment facilities
  • research labs
  • bathrooms
  • locker rooms
  • kitchens
  • garages
  • warehouses

Whatever the setting, UDT has a solution for your industrial facilities’ floors. Our coatings can withstand traffic from fork trucks, pallet jacks and other heavy machinery while providing a clean and modern appearance. Each of our high-performance floor coating systems provide:

  • Easy to clean floors
  • Chemical resistance
  • Color choices
  • Long-lasting, durable finish
  • No-slip / traction enhancement

If you are interested in industrial floor coatings, let UDT provide you with what you need. Contact us today to speak with an expert.