UltraSpartic® 95 & 100

Fast Drying, Fast Curing, Durable, Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Formulated exclusively by UDT, UltraSpartic 95 and 100 are commonly used as topcoats in abusive environments such as garages, warehouses, and production areas.

Both UltraSpartics may be used as clear primers for Ultra HTS Grind, Clear Prime & Seal Systems. UltraSpartics may also be pigmented with UltraColor Pigment Packs to achieve a solid-colored primer, body-coat, or topcoat (see TDS for varied recoat windows when pigmenting).

UltraSpartics have excellent bond strength, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and gloss retention, even at high film thicknesses!


UltraSpartic® 95 has long working times and low viscosity to ensure a consistent finish. User-friendliness makes “US95” a fan favorite.

  • Low VOC (50 state VOC and DOT compliant)
  • Low odor and low viscosity
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Excellent leveling properties
  • Tintable with UltraColor Pigment Packs
  • DOT and IATA (air) non-regulated


  • Solids Level: 95%
  • Dry Time: 12 hours
  • Working Time: 25 minutes
  • Viscosity: Low = 550 cps
  • (5% reduction = 175 cps)


UltraSpartic® 100 is our most versatile of the bunch with a very low odor and viscosity that holds to vertical surfaces. Simply reduce and thin down “US100” to suit your desire.

  • Low VOC (50 state VOC and DOT compliant)
  • Very low odor
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Good leveling properties at high film builds
  • Tintable with UltraColor Pigment Packs
  • DOT and IATA (air) non-regulated


  • Solids Level: 100%
  • Dry Time: 5 hours
  • Working Time: 15 minutes
  • Viscosity: Medium = 850 cps
  • -(10% reduction = 180 cps)
polyaspartic floor coating


  • Commercial: Stadiums, restaurants, kitchens, & restrooms
  • Institutional: Corridors, loading docks, & storage facilities
  • Government: Armed Forces bases & parking garages
  • Residential: Garages & decorative concrete floors
  • Industrial: Warehouse, production areas, & mechanic shops


See UltraColor Pigment Pack TDS for color availability. Not all colors will achieve 100% hide in one coat. White and some other light colors may require multiple coats, thicker film builds, and/or more pigment when mixing. Contact a UDT Representative for additional information by calling 320-258-2266 or by emailing info@ultradt.com.