18″ x 1/4″ Epoxy Glide Roller


Shed-resistant dark gray fabric produces the smoothest finish with all epoxies and urethanes, waterborne or solvent-borne. Great pickup, release, and flow provide fast, even results.

Use with:
12″-18″ Adjustable Roller Frame
12″-18″ Heavy Duty Adjustable Roller Frame
18″ Big Ben Frame


Achieve uniform finishes with this professional Wooster product engineered for floor coatings. Epoxy Glide is designed to quickly and evenly back roll floor epoxies and urethanes, waterborne or solvent-borne. The innovative fabric provides excellent pickup, release, and flow without causing stipple in the finish. Very low lint characteristics make it perfect for smooth application. It lays down and levels out the coating like no other applicator.