UDT Chip Flakes


Create a unique and durable space by enhancing your resinous floor with UDT Chip Flakes. Unlike conventional flooring options, Chip Flakes are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, styles, and blends that can be custom designed to accent, balance, complement, and influence any environment. Choose between standard color mixtures (tans and grays) or something more original like fluorescent, glow in the dark, a new variegated or terrazzo variety, or even glitter flakes, glitter powder, or Mica flakes (see catalog)!

When added to UDT’s resinous floor systems, Chip Flakes enhance the appearance and texture of the floor as well as protect its integrity. Seamless Chip Flake floors are an economical floor finishing solution that are easy to maintain.

Additional chemical resistance can be applied to Chip Flake floors by using MC-UV Epoxy, UltraSpartic (95, or 100), Ultra HTS urethane, or IMPACT urethane as a topcoat. Furthermore, combining these topcoats with UDT’s signature wear additives will simultaneously increase traction and abrasion resistance, giving you a safe and durable floor that looks great for years!

Contact UDT today to find a trained contractor and decide what Chip Flake System makes sense for your floors.

Full Flake System
Ultra HTS Full Flake System
UDT Light Flake System

To ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency when it comes to Chip Flake orders, we have provided both a full catalog and order form.

If you are unsure of what you are looking for or how much you need, check out our Chip Coverage Chart and Chip Pricing Chart below:

40 LB. Box Price

Chip Flakes ( 40 lb. box)1" | 1/2" | 1/4" | 1/8" | 1/16" | 1/32"Hybrid Sizes
Solid Colors$104.00$120.00
Blended Colors$108.00$124.00
Marble/Variegated Colors$112.00$128.00
Fluorescent Colors$180.00$180.00
Photoluminescent Blue$1000.00$1000.00
Photoluminescent Green$760.00$760.00

Chip Flake Coverage

Recommendations for Ordering FLAKE in 40 LB Increments1/4” FLAKE Coverage Rate @ 6 SF/LB1/8” FLAKE Coverage Rate @ 5 SF/LB1/16” FLAKE Coverage Rate @ 4 SF/LB
40 LB • 1 box240 SF200 SF160 SF
80 LB • 2 boxes480 SF400 SF320 SF
120 LB • 3 boxes720 SF600 SF480 SF
160 LB • 4 boxes960 SF800 SF640 SF
200 LB • 5 boxes1,200 SF1,000 SF800 SF
240 LB • 6 boxes1,440 SF1,200 SF960 SF
280 LB • 7 boxes1,680 SF1,400 SF1,120 SF
320 LB • 8 boxes1,920 SF1,600 SF1,280 SF
360 LB • 9 boxes2,160 SF1,800 SF1,440 SF
400 LB • 10 boxes2,400 SF2,000 SF1,600 SF
Chip Flake Catalog
Chip Flake Packaging Update

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