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“Floor” your customers with a great first impression

First impressions are very powerful. When guests walk into a hotel, restaurant, or event center, they pay attention. People notice signs of cleanliness in every aspect of a facility. A major component of an overall first impression is the condition of the flooring. If floors have lost their shine, show wear patterns, are dirty, have yellowed, or are marked up by scuffs and scratches, guests will take this as a sign of poor upkeep or even contamination. Rather than let patrons question your standards, show them that you care about health and safety with an EPIC floor!

Lobbies & Entrances: It’s All About Safety

Anyone that has checked into a hotel or restaurant during a rainstorm knows that lobbies and entrances can be some of the most dangerous areas of a building. Both finished and unfinished floors are often slippery when wet, which is a major liability to the building owner. Slips and falls endanger your business and, more importantly, your customers and employees.

So, what’s the solution?

Ultra Durable Technologies (UDT) has several floor coating systems that prevent slippery floors (and painful falls) with the use of non-slip technology. By implementing one of these systems on the surfaces of your facility, you can maintain a safer (and cleaner) environment for each person who walks through the door.

Specifically, UDT offers a variety of traction additives that range from Fine to Coarse, meaning you get to decide exactly how smooth or non-slip you want your floors to look and feel. Finer aggregates will yield a flatter (less shiny) floor than coarser aggregates, which will yield a higher-gloss floor.
Especially during poor weather, UDT’s aggregate will make your facility more hospitable and will ensure the health and safety of those you are serving.

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A grand floor deserves to be EPIC
Hotel Lobby protected by EPIC
Hotel lobby protected by EPIC

Beautiful and Odor-Free Bathrooms

First impressions are achieved the second a customer enters your building. However, did you know that the condition of your restrooms speaks loudly to the quality and cleanliness of your entire establishment?

“Almost three-fourths of consumers believe a bad restroom indicates poor management. Another two-thirds say it lowers their opinion of the company, shows the business doesn’t care about customers, and gives the impression [that] the company is lazy or sloppy”

— 2013 National survey conducted by Bradley Corporation

Dirty restrooms with bad odors always leave bad impressions. Floors that have not been properly sealed collect foul-smelling contaminants within their pores. These contaminants are not only offensive to the olfactory senses; they also make customers want to look the other way. Grout is easily stained and very difficult to clean. Your customers associate dirty, stinky restrooms with low company standards.

The Ultra Durable solution to filthy tiled restrooms is an Ultra Deep Clean and an EPIC finish! The combination of UDT’s Ultra Deep Clean, Grout Colorant, and EPIC Tile & Grout is perfect for making your tiled restrooms hospitable again. For specific information on the EPIC Tile and Grout System, check out this article or webpage on the UDT website!

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Restrooms floors can define your business
That shine says clean

Dining Rooms & Common Areas

Whether it’s refreshments in a hotel’s common area or a five-course meal in a restaurant’s dining room, food and drink establishments require all surfaces to be easy to clean and sanitize. UDT’s coating systems for dining areas adhere to surfaces and penetrate all gaps for a seamless seal. This seamless seal keeps bacteria and other contaminants out and makes cleaning the surface very simple.

Floor surfaces within dining rooms and common areas also endure a great deal of wear and tear from tables, chairs, and carts. UDT recommends treating furniture “feet” with commercial-grade floor protectors. Floor protectors will often dramatically lengthen the life span of flooring. However, even the highest quality floor protectors (such as Expanded Technologies – Floor Protectors ) eventually wear out or sometime even fall off the furniture. When that happens, UDT’s floor finishes will still provide abrasion-resistant flooring to handle the constant sliding of chairs and tables.

Dining rooms will benefit from UDT’s high-solids aliphatic urethane called Ultra HTS. Ultra HTS is very hard and scratch resistant on its own. When Aggregate #1 is mixed into Ultra HTS, the result is one of the most scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant coatings ever!

For a faster, lower-cost alternative to Ultra HTS, UDT offers IMPACT water-based urethane. IMPACT bonds directly to existing concrete and even polished concrete where improved stain resistance is needed. IMPACT also provides for fast turn-around times (as fast as 4 hours!). See IMPACT vs Ultra HTS comparison.

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Easy to clean - beautiful
1 thin coat will protect this floor for years to come

Commercial Kitchens: Seamless Protection for Sanitation

Commercial kitchen floors are often specified as (and are therefore required to be) “seamless.
“Seamless flooring” simply refers to floors that are poured in place with no seams or joints. Integral cove bases are used to make a seamless and watertight transition between the wall and the floor.

Cove bases are traditionally applied by mixing a thickened epoxy with quartz/sand and hand-troweling the mixture around the perimeter of the room. This traditional cove installation requires skilled and experienced technicians. Regardless, uneven floors and walls, temperature constraints, and high labor costs cause many contractors to turn and walk away.

Acknowledging these challenges associated with manual cove base installations, UDT went on the search for a better way…and found Easycove®. Easycove is a highly-engineered cove base molding that provides numerous benefits over traditional hand-troweled systems. As the name implies, Easycove is very easy to install. Additionally, UDT coatings have been thoroughly tested to ensure a tenacious bond and maintain 100% of the product’s performance. And the best part? Easycove is available right here on our webstore.

Ultra Durable Technologies manufactures several pourable epoxy, polyaspartic, and urethane coatings to create a seamless floor that will become an integral and natural part of your building’s structure. These systems ensure that food service and prep areas meet the hygienic standards. Our coatings are chemical and abrasion resistant and can be customized to meet slip-resistance and cleanability standards.

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Seamless flooring never looked so good
Keep employee-designated areas safe and seamless

Employee-Designated Areas

Employee-designated areas (i.e. loading docks, stairwells, etc.) require industrial-strength protection and industrial-level traction. Since these areas are not often seen by the public, it is not important to make them as beautiful as the lobby or front entrance. However, it is extremely important to protect your building and flooring investment while simultaneously maintaining a cleanable environment.
UDT offers a variety of ultra-durable solutions for your extreme needs: (See Industrial Coating Page).

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UDT Products & Systems for Hospitality

Listed below are some of UDT’s most common products and systems, specified for each different surface you might encounter within the hospitality industry.

EPIC Tile & Grout PDS
IMPACT for Concrete PDS
IMPACT for Terrazzo PDS

Lobbies and Entrances:


Dining Rooms & Common Areas:


Employee-Designated Areas: