Today if you order concrete, it can come colored in practically any color you want, so concrete dye is not usually necessary. Of the million and million of square feet of poured concrete flooring the majority of it has usually dried to a gray finish. This is due to the cement used in concrete is gray. In order to change the color of these older concrete floors, you will need to use a concrete dye.

Any of our water-based concrete dyes below are sold in 16 oz. containers dye concentrate. Dye concentrates should be mixed with 1 gallon of water. After spot *testing, if the color is still too intense, the concrete dye can be thinned with up to three (3) additional gallons of water to lighten the color.

*All concrete floors/surfaces will react differently to the concrete dye. Application methods will also change the look of the and pattern of the color. Test sections should be done to help determine the proper color and application technique required.

Once your floor has been colored and has dried, it is now time to protect your new floor with Ultra Durable Technologies, IMPACT Concrete Sealer. This will enhance the beauty and durability of your concrete floor while improving the cost of maintenance.

Our concrete dye colors below are applied over gray concrete.

Coverage Rate:
300-500 Square Feet.