Tile and Grout Cleaner – Ultra Durable Technologies


Clean Tile, Grout and Concrete

Oh that smell! Contaminants get lodged into grouted surfaces and remain embedded. Over time, they build up until an odor that permeates the area. Public bathrooms and showers are a prime example. To clean badly stained smelly grout, you need a cleaner designed to get to the root of the problem. ULTRA Deep Clean is the answer for ceramic and porcelain tiles, stone and other grouted surfaces. ULTRA Deep Clean also cleans and prepares concrete for coatings.

ULTRA Deep Clean is a professional-grade restorative cleaner and descaler for tile, grout and concrete. ULTRA Deep Clean safely and efficiently lifts stains and contaminants from deep within grout, concrete and other porous surfaces. This unique, high-performance technology is a low-pH organic salt solution designed to aggressively attack stains without damaging or etching tile or fixture surfaces. ULTRA Deep Clean removes embedded and hardened contamination in preparation for UDT Grout Colorant and a thin coat of EPIC® High Performance Finish.


• Outstanding cleaning performance
• Softens, releases and dislodges deeply embedded grime
• Dissolves and lifts all types of scale
• User friendly and non-hazardous
• Will not etch porcelain or ceramic tile
• Opens pores in grout lines
• Prepares tile and grout for colorant and/or EPIC® finish

Industry Applications

Include but are not limited to:
Healthcare & Hospitals
Hospitality & Restaurants
Industrial & Warehouse Spaces
Retail & Commercial Spaces
Educational Facilities
Sport Facilities