High-Solids, High Strength Urethane

Are you looking for an extremely-durable, low-odor, protective topcoat that is amazingly simple to apply?

If so, UltraMax is the clear answer!

UltraMax is a clear, extremely-durable, high-solids, 100% aliphatic urethane that is frequently used as a direct-to-concrete alternative to polishing procedures according to the UDT Grind and Seal system.

UDT’s Grind & Seal program is simple, cost-effective, and minimizes ongoing floor maintenance requirements. One thin-coat of UltraMax will provide extreme durability and protection without any buffing or frequent recoating.

UltraMax is also commonly used as a protective topcoat for epoxy, chip and quartz broadcast systems!

With almost no odor, this 100% aliphatic urethane may be used in occupied spaces and it absolutely will not yellow from extended UV exposure. UltraMax will protect epoxy and concrete floors from harsh chemicals like Skydrol® and jet fuels along with heavy-industrial traffic loads from forklifts and other types of vehicle traffic.

UltraMax comes standard as a high-gloss but is also available in a semi-gloss sheen when it mixed with Ultra Grip abrasion and traction additive.

Unique Advantages
  • Absolutely NO diamond pads and NO burnishing
  • Extremely Low VOC (50 state compliant)
  • Easy, one thin-coat application
  • Non-yellowing and UV stable 100% aliphatic urethane
  • Extreme chemical and abrasion resistance
  • UM Ultra Grip to increase slip and abrasion-resistance
  • High-gloss or semi-gloss sheen with UM Ultra Grip
  • 12-month performance guarantee
  • Pigment Packs Coming Soon!
Proven Industries


airport hangars, train, subway & bus depots


city, county, state and federal buildings, historical and convention centers


healthcare, schools, universities, churches


warehousing, production areas, mechanic shops, etc.


stadiums, theaters, malls, restaurants, cafeterias

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