An alternative to acrylic: Water-based urethane for vinyl

VCT, Vinyl, LVT and Linoleum water-based urethane floor finish

Is a water-based urethane vinyl floor finish what you’re looking for?

If you are looking for a VCT, Vinyl, LVT, and Linoleum floor finish, look no further than Ultra Durable Technologies, Inc. (UDT). UDT’s EPIC High-performance floor finish is a water-based urethane coating for vinyl floors that is an alternative to acrylic floor finish. EPIC is easy to maintain and offers a highly durable finish on VCT, Vinyl, LVT and Linoleum flooring. EPIC provides the option of a Gloss or Matte sheen. A Semi-Gloss sheen can be achieved by mixing UDT Aggregates or Ultra Grip in with the Gloss finish.

Why use EPIC instead of acrylic wax?

Traditional acrylic finishes have suffered from a lack of durability across all flooring types. Even when applied to areas with a moderate amount of traffic, the average acrylic finish offers poor resistance to scratching and scuffing. This causes high-cost maintenance that involves repeated stripping, refinishing, and buffing.

If you have VCT, Vinyl, LVT and Linoleum flooring in your offices, schools, hospitals or any other premises, you will find that EPIC vinyl floor finish not only provides a better-looking finish but that it also creates a stronger barrier to prevent surface damage. This beautiful finish will last a lot longer than any other coating, even in areas with high volumes of *motorized and pedestrian traffic. EPIC High-Performance vinyl floor finish will outlast traditional acrylics and will deliver lower costs of ongoing maintenance.

Acrylic waxes are things of the past with EPIC High-performance vinyl floor finish. A single coat is all this needed to provide a beautiful High-Gloss, Semi-Gloss, or Matte finish that is highly durable and resistant.

Benefits of EPIC VCT, Vinyl, LVT and Linoleum Floor Finish

The benefits of using EPIC High-performance VCT, Vinyl, LVT, and Linoleum floor finish include the following:

  • The choice of Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Matte sheens.
  • Tough, long-lasting protective film that can withstand high traffic volumes.
  • The perfect alternative to acrylic finishes that requires no stripping or buffing.
  • Low-VOC water-based polyurethane.
  • Non-yellowing and resistant to UV light.
  • Extreme abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Meets ADA and OSHA SCOF non-slip traction recommendations.
  • Non-slip traction can be enhanced using Ultra Grip and Abrasion resistant additives.
  • One-coat is all that is needed.

EPIC Floor Finish Application Range

EPIC floor finish is suitable for a variety of different areas including:

  • Retail Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Churches
  • Government buildings
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Gyms and workout areas
  • Laboratories
  • Warehouses
  • State and federal buildings
  • Industrial plants
  • Clean Rooms
  • and many more

EPIC high-performance vinyl floor finish is used across North America in a myriad of establishments and has delivered results that reflect UDT’s guarantee of consistent and reliable products. It seals and enhances VCT, Vinyl, LVT and Linoleum flooring, providing a minimum-slip finish (particularly when used together with UDT non-slip additives).

Floor Protection

One of the biggest ongoing VCT, Vinyl, LVT, and Linoleum maintenance issues is scratching, especially those caused by equipment and furniture. Scratches often occur when these heavy items are constantly moved back and forth across office and warehouse flooring.

Although EPIC High-performance floor finish can be trusted to prevent this kind of surface damage, UDT highly recommends going one step further by installing these industry-leading floor protectors.  Combining this extra level of protection with EPIC will ensure the longest lifespan possible for your vinyl floors.

*Forklift traffic will depend on the cleanliness of the floor, and the dirt caught between the tires and the floor. Good maintenance and regular sweeping will extend the life of the coating.

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