Q. My floor was recently finished with EPIC urethane and it seems to be dulling quickly. How can I bring back the shine? Should I buff the floor?

A. Unlike traditional finishes, EPIC urethane is not “open” or “porous”. Over use of chemicals can result in a residue or film that sits on top of the floor and causes a dull, cloudy look. We recommend using a neutral cleaner when necessary and a microfiber pad for cleaning. Reduce the amount of chemicals or use just hot water whenever possible. Several rinses with plain water will remove the film and restore your sheen. DO NOT EVER use a buffer on your urethane finish. It will cause loss of sheen and permanent damage.


Q. What makes EPIC and IMPACT finishes so strong?

A. Solids, are what creates the protective finish once dry. With 50-60% solids for EPIC and 62-67% solids for IMPACT when mixed, EPIC and IMPACT are formulated to generate a hard impact and abrasion resistant finish on resilient and non-resilient surfaces. This is approximately twice the solids that are found in some consumer water-based urethane products.

Q. How long with this finish last?

A. EPIC or IMPACT are used in lieu of traditional acrylic based systems. As a general rule of thumb, EPIC will last 10X longer that a traditional finish applied in the same location and subject to the same traffic. If you typically apply an acrylic wax that needs to be addressed every 3 months, Epic will last 30 months in the same location.

Q. I’ve heard that urethane finishes yellow over time. Is that true?

A. Early generations of urethane were notorious for yellowing. With the evolution of urethane technology that issue has been resolved. EPIC or IMPACT have UV inhibitors incorporated into their formulas. It will not yellow.

Q. Will EPIC or IMPACT scratch?

A. Yes. There is no material on the planet that will not scratch under the right conditions. We highly recommend that you check all furnishings for floor protectors before you coat your floor. This proactive measure will prolong the life of your investment.

Q. I have read that EPIC or IMPACT & ITECH are chemical resistant. What specific chemicals are they resistant to?

A. Ultra Durable Coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including but not limited to: bleach, betadyne, salt, alcohol hand sanitizer, urine and coffee. Contact us for more information.

Floor Preparation – Stripping

Q. Does every bit of the old finish need to be removed from the floor?

A. Yes – any remaining acrylic finish will show through the very thin coat of EPIC or IMPACT water-based urethane. Any left behind old finish will also compromise the adhesion. Check carefully along walls and next to doorways. Look across the floor in the light. If there are any shinny areas, there is finish that needs to be removed.

Q. Do I really need to flood rinse several times?

A. Yes – any remover left on the floor will react with EPIC or IMPACT and there will be dull spots or lack of adhesion.

Q. Will old yellowing show through?

A. Yes – EPIC and IMPACT are clear. Any yellowed old finish will show through and be apparent. EPIC and IMPACT will not cover this.


Q. Why do I need to be trained to apply this product?

A. EPIC or IMPACT are premium, contractor grade finishes. They are mixed on site from several components. There are several application methods that are appropriate on various substrates. We want to do all we can to ensure that EPIC is properly mixed and applied, that our installers are confident in sales, application, maintenance and repair of our finishes. Proper preparation will help avoid costly mistakes.

Q. Can I make small repairs without re-coating the entire floor?

A. The repair process is covered in our training seminar. It is possible to tape off a small area, prepare the surface, and apply a fresh coat.

Q. If I don’t use the entire kit, can I save the leftovers?

A. EPIC, IMPACT and ITECH are mixed on site and have a pot life. See your product specifications for specific length of pot life. At the end of the pot life any unused product should be properly discarded.

Q. Can I apply EPIC, IMPACT or ITECH right over an existing finish?

A. It depends. All non-urethane finishes like traditional acrylic waxes must be fully removed before application. Previous urethane finishes may remain if there is good adhesion and surface scratching is not excessive. The floor must NOT be an early generation urethane that has yellowed. The surface must also be properly abraded before re-coating.

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