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We have the answers to many of the most commonly asked questions listed below. If you still need assistance, please reach out to us and a UDT professional will get back to you as soon as possible.


It is very important to store EPIC in a cool environment. Keep EPIC below 77° F at all times to maximize shelf life.

Do not use expired EPIC. The sheen and performance will diminish after EPIC has expired. You can order replacement Parts A and A-1 to mix with the current Part B (which does not expire) to make the EPIC kit useable again.

Several things might cause EPIC to have a dull result:

  • Expired Product- Check the “use-by” date sticker on the EPIC Part A lid. Do not use expired material. Contact UDT for new Parts A and A-1.
  • Exceeding the Pot Life- Once EPIC is mixed, ensure it is applied within the stated pot life:

Gloss 8-Hour

90 mins

Gloss 4-Hour

45 mins

Matte 8-Hour

60 mins

Matte 4-Hour

30 mins

  • High Humidity/No Airflow- Relative Humidity (RH) must be less than 70% during application. If in doubt, or if it feels more humid than normal, be sure to verify the RH before application. You can also use fans or air movers, which can help EPIC dry properly when there is no air movement or when the humidity readings are high.
  • Warm/Hot Storage(related to shelf life) - The proper storage temperature for EPIC/IMPACT is 59-77° F (15-29° C). Applying EPIC/IMPACT with material temperature (including the added water) outside of this range can cause dullness. If the product is too warm or too cold for too long, the gloss levels can decrease even before the expiration date(s).
  • Improper Mixing- Carefully follow mixture instructions including mixing times for each step.
  • Matte Part A Instead of Gloss Part A- Double-check the EPIC Part A label before mixing. Accidentally using the Matte formula instead of the Gloss will have an undesirable (non-glossy) effect!
  • Applying EPIC too thickly or leaving EPIC in thick puddles (over 8 wet mils) will result in a white and foamy/bubbly film when dry.
    • Remedy: scrape off all foamy/bubbly film and refinish.
  • Bubbles occasionally come up between VCT tiles when EPIC is applied to new VCT. It happens on new VCT tiles that have not been waxed in the past. It is likely the result of contamination (wax stripper or moisture) left between the tiles.
    • Remedy: pick off the bubbles (by hand or with a plastic putty knife) and refinish.
  • Peeling issues are caused by improper floor prep prior to the application of EPIC. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) have been created for all EPIC processes including floor preparation (stripping wax, no-wax floors, recoating EPIC).
  • Always follow our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) closely to ensure proper adhesion to the floor or substrate.

Possible causes for this issue:

  • The proper timing of the mixing process was not completely followed.
  • Water added to EPIC was warm or hot.
  • At least one component of the kit was not within the proper “room temperature” range of 59-77° F prior to mixing.
  • Part A was expired. See the “use by” date sticker on the EPIC Part A lid.
  • A partial kit of EPIC was mixed without the use of a gram scale.
  • Be sure to use the proper UDT-supplied, high-quality roller covers recommended for the application method being used.
    • The T-bar/back-roll method requires a ¼” nap mohair back-roller or 5/16” micro-plush roller
    • The rolling method requires a 3/8" nap woven roller
    • Tile & grout (T&G) rolling method requires a 3/8” nap woven roller, and (if back-rolling) a ¼” nap mohair or 5/16” micro-plush roller
  • When back-rolling or rolling, feather it out (the “airplane take-off” method of lifting the roller up at the end of the roll away from you).
  • Lift up on seams or lines in the flooring to help hide any potential roller marks.
  • Move quickly and do not roll into any areas that were applied more than 3 minutes earlier or that have begun to change from white to clear.
  • When feathering, use just enough pressure to help level the material out and remove any lines left from the roller. 
  • If you are using an additive like UDT Aggregate #240, roll aggressively to help spread the aggregate evenly.

EPIC can be removed with UDT Urethane Remover. However, EPIC does not typically need to be removed prior to recoating. Plus, it can be recoated much easier and faster without the need for complete removal.

EPIC works great on walls. However, reduce the water in the mix and/or apply it very thinly to avoid drips or sags.

    • Reducing the amount of water during mix will thicken it to help prevent dripping. Reduce the amount for Standard kits from 16 to 12 oz, or for Contractor kits from 32 to 24 oz.
    • If you see drips within 3 minutes of application, back-roll the area with a dry or “squeezed-out” roller. 

The EPIC Standard kit is the smallest size available. We do have a “Partial Mixing Chart” that will allow you to weigh out the correct ratio of each part using a high-quality gram scale. Once you start a partial with a kit, you will need to measure out all subsequent mixes to ensure the ratio stays intact for those smaller applications. We can email you this chart upon request.


Yes, as well as most other major credits cards.

Yes, as well as most major credits cards.

By ordering online through our webstore instead of phone in orders, you:

  • Save money
  • Have the convenience from ordering from any device
  • Ensure that your order is communicated accurately
  • Have access to an easy, more secure transaction process


We try our best to ensure your shipment is delivered in an appropriate amount of time, but many factors (such as holidays, severe weather, and natural disasters) can cause delays outside our control. As a result, we cannot guarantee delivery times.

It takes time to assemble an order. We must pick, check, and pack every order to ensure quality and accuracy.

While your order is in UDT hands, we do everything we can to ensure your product gets to you safely. If you receive a damaged shipment, please photograph its condition and contact us immediately.

Upon shipment of an order, tracking information is sent via email. You can use the tracking number provided in this email on the delivery service’s website to see the latest updates. We have no information on the status of shipments beyond what the delivery service provides.


A credit card may be preauthorized with or without estimated shipping and/or taxes as applicable, though the final amount is charged at the time of shipment. Customers with terms of credit may pay according to their agreement.


UDT is closed for most major US holidays in consideration of our employees. As this may affect your ordering schedule, please plan accordingly.


Yes - EPIC is an extremely sustainable floor care program! EPIC will dramatically reduce water, chemical, acrylic polymer, and acrylic finish stripper consumption that repetitively gets dumped down the drain. For more information, check out our sustainability page.

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