Tile and Grout Cleaning

And Restoration with UDT EPIC Tile and Grout System

Tile and Grout Cleaning is essential if you have tiled walls and/or floors in your business – or even in your home. Dirty grout is offensive, smells bad, makes your restroom, shower area or kitchen look dirty and unhygienic and is a definite health hazard. ULTRA Deep Clean solves this problem efficiently and effectively, restoring your grout and making your floors and walls look sparkling clean again.

However – it’s not a permanent solution because these molds, bacteria and general dirt that caused the initial discoloration will eventually come back again unless you do something to prevent it. Epic Tile and Grout sealer does that by providing a durable barrier over the grout and tiled surfaces. If a change in the grout color is necessary, UDT Grout Colorant can be applied to update the color of the grout lines. Between them, Ultra Deep Clean, Ultra Durable Grout Colorant, and EPICwill restore smelly and dirty-looking tiles on walls and floors, making them look fresh and clean and making a good, positive impression on visitors, patrons, and customers.

How many businesses such as restaurants, bars, and even hotels lose customers because their restrooms and even guest bathrooms look dirty and unhygienic due to the state of their tiles and floors! You can avoid this using EPIC® Tile and Grout Sealer system and present them with gleaming restroom walls and floors, ultra-clean washroom floors and showers with sparkling tiles.

Combining ULTRA Deep Clean, UDT Grout Colorant with EPIC Floor Finish

By combining the advantages of Ultra Deep Clean, tile and grout cleaner, and Ultra Durable Grout Colorant where desirable, along with the barrier properties of EPIC tile and grout sealer, you will have the most effective way of restoring tiles and grouting. Among the benefits these products offer are:

• Deep Cleaning: ULTRA Deep Clean gets right into the pores of the grout and removes the staining, mold, and bacteria causing discoloration. Your customers will be impressed!
• Enhancing: The restoration and coloring of the grout lines can make your tile and grout surfaces look new.
• One Coat: One single coat of EPIC floor coating sealer is all that is required to effectively seal grout and floors from contamination. This saves on materials, time and money.
• Water Based: because EPIC™ is a water-based polyurethane sealant, it has much less odor than solvent-based sealants and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) content.
• No Buffing: The polyurethane used in EPIC gives a gleaming finish and no buffing is needed.
• Economical: EPIC grout and tile sealer is economical to use and gives a positive return on investment.

Cleaning with ULTRA Deep Clean, Coloring with UDT Grout Colorant and coating the floor with EPIC can prevent the need for replacing the entire floor. What price do you put on offering good impressions of your business through gleaming restrooms and flooring?

EPIC should be applied to the overall surface, not only the grouted area. This helps to maintain a natural, fresh appearance and provides a single membrane that is easy to clean and keep clean. Those visiting your restrooms, washrooms, showers, and kitchens cannot help but be impressed. It should also be applied after deep cleaning with our Ultra Deep Clean tile and grout cleaning product and the restoration of the grout color with Ultra Durable Grout Colorant.

It is environmentally friendly, containing low VOCs, and is very easy to maintain. If you are a progressive manager who is looking to save money without sacrificing cleanliness and the natural beauty of your tiled areas, then EPIC ultra durable water-based urethane floor finish is ideal for you.

EPIC floor finish is suitable for many resilient floor types and is particularly suitable as a tile and grout sealer for all domestic and commercial areas where tiling must look clean and hygienic. Tile and grout cleaning is essential for hotels, restaurants, bars and most other commercial premises with public restrooms and other tiled areas.